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Everyone can do it

So the internet is really a great thing, don’t get me wrong. I love it. It brings me to you, it connects us to folks across the globe, etc etc and all that good stuff.

But let’s be real…all of these people trying to get famous off of YouTube and blogs and what not……..if it weren’t for the internet, you wouldn’t be anybody. I was just talking to one of my best friends about this (“T”). Convo goes something like this:

me: Dude, everyone is an internet star now. All you need is a cameraphone and a youtube account. I need something to rap about.

T: Lol, actually u don’t need anything to write about
rap about. I mean, u can rap about the computer

me: You right (here I go!)
sittin at my keyboard
starin at the screen
tryin to figure out
how to make this green

T: hahahahaha

me: Add in a few ad libs, that’s all i need

T: Eh eh…screen..computer…macs and pcs…macs and pcs

me: Ch ch cheaaaaaaaaaa

Now. CLEARLY, we aren’t serious. But the sad part is, there is SOME idiot out there right now rapping about wonton soup and effing your girl…and the only reason we even know about this dude is because he convinced somebody with a cameraphone to follow him around and record his wack rap.

*cueing Jigga so I can get my appropriate swag back*

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