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Ebonics linguist needed.

Ok now, in this day and age, I understand that companies are looking on how to diversify their companies and market themselves and blahblahblah. They’ve been watching those McDonald’s commercials for McNuggets with the tacky singing black couple. Because real black people won’t respond unless there’s a tacky singing black couple selling them McNuggets advising folks not to be stingy with their heart attack in a box.

Anyways, I digress. So back to the companies seeking “diversity”. So.

Chenega Corporation. You are today’s biggest racist a*shole. Like seriously. WHY would you post the following requirements in your job announcement:

  • Strong command of Ebonics and English with the ability to provide clear and concise oral and written communication.
  • Degree or Graduate Education: – the appropriate foreign language from an English-speaking college or university, specialized experience: in translating, interpreting, or other work requiring the use of English or a combination of work (that required English and Ebonics) and training at the Defense Language Institute, Foreign Service Institute, or comparable training.
  • Full job announcement here, in case any of yall want to apply (side eye)

Now. Let me start by saying, I blame Oakland, California for starting this Ebonics foolishness. But that being neither here nor there, I blame Chenega Corporation, their in-house counsel, their HR department, and whoever the hell else signed off on this job announcement thinking it would be totally acceptable to seek someone who has a “strong command of Ebonics” in order to expand their enterprise in Atlanta. So….they’re making the following assumptions:

  1. Everyone in Atlanta speaks Ebonics. My response to that…stop watching BET. Atlanta is NOT only made up of Jeezy, T.I., and the Real Housewives of ATL. Contrary to [white folks’ and the dumba*ses at Chenega] popular belief, Atlanta is actually a mecca (right after DC, what’s up 202/301/703) for educated, black professionals. Which brings me to point #2…
  2. Educated black professionals, who, presumably, would be the people that these Chenega dummies would be dealing with…don’t speak Ebonics.
  3. That conversation with black people can’t occur without an effective command of “Ebonics”. F*ckouttahere with that mess. I can’t even say anything else.

Ok really, let me find something funny to lighten the mood.

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